Control Panel

Sales Tools

  1. Publishing Google search engine, Yahoo! and others. (Sitemap)
  2. Recommendation Tools
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • MySpace
    • Blogger
    • And more ...

Communication Tools

  1. Receive questions from their Products / Services
  2. Receive Consultations

Shopping Cart (Optional)

  1. Order History
  2. Client validation email

Payment Systems (Optional)

  1. PayPal
  2. Google Checkout
  3. DineroMail

Include payment with Credit Card, Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer subject to the chosen provider.

Analysis of Visitors (Optional)

  1. Weekly Reports
  2. Traffic Sources, Keywords, Time, etc..

Integrated Web Solution

  1. Dynamic and scalable solution 100%
  2. Complete Web Solution
  3. Latest Technology for Development (Objects, Captcha, AJAX, CSS)
  4. AntiSpam system
  5. Client validation email
  6. Email Validation DomainsKey
  7. SSL Security (up to 256 bits)
  8. 24x7x365 availability (98.5% SLA)
  9. Automatic Daily Backup
  10. Unlimited traffic, Dedicated Servers
  11. Datacenter UPS power and autonomy

(Notes: Datacenter services provider in Europe)

Go PREMIUM, plus de fonctionnalités pour votre site Web professionnel
PREMIUM Fonctions: Own Domain, Panier, Gestion commandes, Commandes messagerie, Intégration de paiement (PayPal, Google CheckOut & DineroMail), N Annonces, posséder Style Sheet (CSS), plus de photos et Items.